To link your card, users need to maintain a Nigeria address rather than the USA address on the card. However users MUST use the Postcode “200211” and also select “Lagos” as State. 

Linkage information below:

  • PayPal charges customer a holding fee of $1 which will be refunded

  • PayPal charges customer linkage fee $1.95 which will be refunded after 3-5 days

  • Sats App will charge $2 dollar - $1 each when holding fee and linkage fee is deducted - This will also be refunded.

Step by Step Guide:

  • Log in to Paypal

  • Click on Link card button

  • Enter your Nigerian Address (Use 200211 as Postcode, Lagos as State)

  • Follow submission instruction

  • Click on Confirm your card and follow the instructions

  • Enter 4 digit code beside charged amount on Sats App card transactions [PP*1234*CODE] sent to you

  • Click confirm on PayPal to complete linking process